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Update: link to game

The local city chess championships 2014 (link to the tournament) are on the way. The field is pretty even and many players have the chance to win the title. Ratingwise we have

  • 1900er: 5
  • 1800er: 6
  • 1700er: 6
  • 1600er: 3
  • 1500er: 3
  • 1400er: 3
  • 1300er: 1

In the first round I was paired against my 1863 rated team mate and we played the Ruy Lopez. He picked  an unusual King’s Indian like setup and the game was equal most of the time. I need to check where I can improve because I play the Spanish to win, not to draw. Or is it really maneuvering until someone blunders?

Well, it could have been much easier for me but in the following position I gave away a pawn for nothing:


41.fxg3?? Nxe4

Ouch, Nf2 or a king move would have been good. After that Black had an advantage but with two pairs of knights it’s extremely tricky and I was able to reach a drawn position where my team mate tried hard to win:


The knight can go back and forth between e6 and c5 so Black can’t make any progress. As a funny sidenote, Black cannot win with the a- or c-pawn alone, I hope everyone knows the drawing techniques. 🙂

Our game was the last to finish after 5h and it was a good start for me. My next opponent is a 1850er who seems to play the English opening. Time to prepare my hedgehog or something new.

I will upload the pgn in the next days.


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