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A game from the lower league

First of all a quick update: I have added a link to my game in the first round of the championship. Use the Export function to download the pgn if you wish.

Last Saturday my team faced the current top team in the lower league and we won the match. My game (which you can replay here) first looked like a quick disaster but turned into a convincing win. That’s chess!

A completely wrong evaluation happened in this position:



Here I played 7…Ng4??, an absolute terrible move. I can’t afford any aggression in the early part of the opening and in addition I exchange one of my strongest pieces. In such a setup with e6 I can’t give away the dark squared bishop like this. 

Fortunately my opponent now played without the pieces and just pushed the pawns so after a careless moment I was able to turn the game:


After 17…Nxf5 there are no real threats on the king side and the position is much easier to play for Black. The increasing pressure gave me the chance for a nice tactical blow:


29…Be4! wins another pawn but as I have found out later it’s a bit tricky if White replies with 30. Rc3 dxc3 31.Nxe4. Now the move Qg7 to push away the queen is not good and runs into a knight fork that wins back the rook.

After the text move 30.Rd2 I missed the killing 30…Nf7!!, which will immediately win White’s queen. We played on a bit longer but the win was never in doubt. At the end I could have finished the game with a clear mate-in-4 in the following position but one gets no extra points for beauty and after 57…Rg3 White gave up, made a rook move and so allowed 58…Qa1#.

Black to play and mate in 4

Black to play and mate in 4

That was a fine win to boost the confidence! Let’s see how my tournament continues on Friday.


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My last OTB game

Playing board 8 in the lower league is cumbersome. This board is usually occupied by the young, talented, young, inexperienced and of course young players. My opponent in the last round was around 11 years old and booked up! He set up his pieces in an incredible nice way against my Sicilian Kan and we soon reached the following position:

Position after 15. Bg5

I love chess! It was wonderful to work out a way to win material for Black here. We have a possible mating threat, a knight fork with discovered attack and a heavily defended and attacked pawn.

The game went 15…dxe4 16. fxe4 (played by my opponent almost without thinking) b4 17. Nb1? Bxe4 (winning, but better was 17…Ng4! In my excitement I didn’t even look at this, I only considered Nxe4) 18. Bxe4 (again, played too fast) Nxe4 19. Qf4?? Qxc2#

A nice finish and a prove for the theory that against weaker players it’s usually enough to start an attack, sound or unsound. I often suffer a similar fate, getting under attack and going down very fast without putting up enough resistance. The next step will be to do something against it, to take the necessary time to come up with a defensive plan instead of giving away more material and resignation 4 moves later.

Well, board 8 usually has players from national ELO 1200 to 1600. I will try to win all my games to play next season board 7, where the 1700 – 1800 players are waiting. This should be fun!

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STTourney: a missed chance

No luck yesterday, I played against an ELO 1970 player (although I wonder what his real rating is; it’s definitely lower). After the opening phase the game was equal and I had a good feeling. Rybka however thought that I was worse most of the time – until my big moment of fame. I found a nice tactical shot and could have checkmated my opponent in a couple of moves. After missing this opportunity I was at least up in material but blundered it all by underestimating White’s chances.

This was a tough lesson for my ego. To lose a won game is really a pain and I am sure that I will never forget the move that would have won. You can replay the game here: http://starke-muegge.de/chess/2010_03_01.htm

To rebuild my ego I played some shorter games (G15) but the short time control is not good for the quality of my chess. Too often my intuitive moves are not good enough and run into simple tactics. I will have to start some kind of tactic drill to improve this area!

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