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How many Blitz games do you need to gain 100 points?

Answer: 7 games

I was pretty lazy in the last weeks and don’t feel much motivated. There is always such a time, I know. The biggest problem is that there is no incentive at the moment. Getting better could be a goal but to whom would I prove that I got better? With an abstract rating on ICC? And always remember that this is time that could be used to achieve other things.

I have decided for myself to put chess aside for a while. I am waiting for the next OTB tournaments and when I know the schedule I will prepare for them. Playing in such social events is much better and when you are sitting at a table you focus much more on the game. Not like the half-hearted internet games that are mostly there for fun.

Coming back to today’s topic, how many games do you need to gain 100 points on ICC in the 5min category? My rating dropped pretty much recently. I played more on my iPad and lost a lot of games on time. A surprising winning streak of 7 games made my rating jump from 1200 to 1300. 🙂 Blitz is really only for fun, often I don’t care too much about my pawns but try to open lines for an attack. Here are snapshots of these 7 games. Enjoy!


A simple mate


Mutual time trouble but I managed to win 6 moves later with 2sec left on the clock.


This is won now but not with 32…Nxf2+? (Ng3+!). White blunders back with 33. Kg1 which is a mate in 4 but had the chance to exploit my weak backrank instead.


A messy Smith-Morra gambit that went totally wrong for me. I only tried to keep up some threats with queen and knight and after 24.Rae1?? White suddenly runs into a mate in 2. 🙂


I first spoilt a good position and had to win the game a 2nd time. Black resigned here.


Black lost on time here. Temporarely I even had a triple f-pawn. For some reason Black didn’t want to capture f5 during the game, he rather tried to develop pieced but never got a winning attack.


This was the beginning of the end for Black.


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