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Beloved Stranger

One of my favorite writers is Theodore Sturgeon. He has written some fantastic short stories and it’s always a pleasure to to re-read them. He made a point of “asking the next question“:

Q-ask the next question

If something doesn’t feel right or if someone tells you that this is the way how it always has been, ask questions and challenge the status quo.

All his short stories have been published in 13 volumes by a publisher that usually has other books in his portfolio. Only the enthusiasm of the editor Paul Williams made it possible to finish such a big project. It must have been pretty close at the end because after a bicycle accident and a miracle healing he started to get dementia in 2004 and his mental state went downhill.

What kind of life this is for the spouse you can read in the notes that she has prepared for a talk in San Diego, or go to Paul’s website to learn more about the man.


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Austrian Reggae

Reggae from Austria? Yesss! Pretty cool stuff:

But “Faia Salamanda” (a wordplay of Feuersalamander meaning fire salamander) was not the main act. This honor went to the Söhne Mannheims, a german band with soul, funk, rock and reggae influences, fast and slow. They rocked!

No real good live video is available on YouTube, only an older one but take a look:

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