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Still alive

I am still alive but not so much into blogging at the moment. There is nothing interesting to share. I am following the big chess events, played an interesting game myself (lost but it was very exciting), participate in the “Pinball Arcade” PSN tournament (currently I am 4th, this will surely change in the next days – I would be happy to finish in the Top 50) and enjoy the nice weather. It’s about time to start the barbecue season!


Do you have any favorite recipes that you would like to share?


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The shortlisted nominees for one of the biggest SF and Fantasy awards have been announced, here is an overview with links to fiction that is avaialble online. A strong discussion is going on about the importance of the Hugo. One could say “as usual” but if one of my favorite bloggers has already made up his mind to ignore it in future and with a debate like this one should take the time to think about the validity of the nominations.

I have a similar feeling that I don’t completely belong to the target group of the Hugo but looking back at the recent years there were some pretty good books among the winner, e.g. “The Windup Girl”, “Spin” and, to a lesser extent, “Among Others”. I simply ignore the authors that gather huge crowds like Charles Stross, Connie Willis or John Scalzi (accidentially I have already read “Redshirts”, it starts funny but stops half-way and has nothing to say, very disappointing). Maybe I miss something but the chance to hit mediocrity is too high.


For short fiction the shortlists are at least a guideline to discover interesting stuff that one would otherwise miss. There are too many online magazines available and unlike novels it’s not safe to rely on other reviewers. So far I haven’t found someone with a similar taste, even the various “Best Of” collections are a mixed bag for me.

With big pleasure I have already finished the nominees for for “short stories”, all three were very good. You can read my reviews on a special page.  I will complete them as I go.

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