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A new Team4545League season

A new season has started and the Dreadful Knights are trying again to reach the Playoffs. With more luck than last time? We will see. At least I am back to regular studies again. There was a long period this year in which I struggled to motivate myself. One always finds excuses to avoid hard work and then it’s getting more and more difficult to start again. In September I had enough of my own lazyness, set new goals on HabitForge, chatted a lot with my chess buddies – and the flow is back. I also managed to regularely go to the Gym again and keeping up one habit helps keeping up the second. 🙂

I will participate in my next tournament in early January (5 rounds, time control 90min + 30sec) which should be fun. The city championship will start later but with a compressed schedule and two games on Sunday. One is okay (usually the last round) but two really bothers me. It’s something else when you are young or already older. Having a family makes this kind of events very painfull and I rather skip it this time. Chess is not THAT important.

Unfortunately the local chess club doesn’t really turn out to be what I have expected. League games are played once per month but there are not regular playing sessions among the members. The seniors usually meet in a Café at afternoon when I am at work so from a social aspect it’s quite frustrating. I probably will check the other 3 clubs here in the city next year and join another one.

I haven’t played long games recently but enjoyed some nice Blitz games. Here are three interesting moments for you – try to find the best move.

In the first I actually played now an inferior move. How could Black continue the attack?

This is from the same game:

What should Black play now?

The next one is rather simple. I was happy when I reached this position – tactical opportunities arise quickly when you have active pieces.



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