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Vacation time

I am in the middle of another lazy period. It’s summer and it was so hot in the last weeks that whenever possible we went to a lake to go swimming. Our favourite place at the moment is the Laengsee which is quite warm and has a 101m long slide. When you lay in the sun and think about god and the world everything is put into a new perspective…

Vacation time is reading time. “Osama” was an interesting book although it couldn’t completely convince me. The other book I read was a true SF classic: Way Station from Clifford Simak. If you like SF then you can’t go wrong with it.


Chess-wise not much is going on at the moment. I follow the big events and do my daily ChessTempo puzzles but not much else. I am not really motivated. This might change with the start of the next Team4545League season but playing at a real board is much more fun so I have to wait until the next season of my local team starts. There are a couple of tournaments where I live but if you have a busy job then it’s impossible to play in them. Well, there is nothing I can do about it.

By accident I stumbled upon an interesting YouTube channel from a German IM who provides (English) live comments for his own games and that of stronger players. That’s quite a lot of fun. I don’t know if it’s useful at all but it’s more satisfying than playing bad Blitz chess. 🙂

As you know titled players get a free account on ICC. I found a link that reveals the real names of some of the top players. CapilanoBridge is no big secret (Nakamura) but I didn’t know that Rafaello most likely is Karjakin, depressnyak is Alexander Grischuk or that faust is Ian Nepomniachtchi. Watch them if you have a chance!


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