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Beautiful Spring

It’s been some time since my last post. I didn’t feel like blogging and there wasn’t so much to share. From time to time I was impressed by positions or games but one day later it didn’t feel so important anymore. Doesn’t make sense? Never mind. 🙂

In February I had a tough time to focus on chess. I lost games because of simple tactics and didn’t do much to study the game. This showed in the results. I chatted with some people about my situation and got overwhelming positive feedback. Everyone is going through such phases and has a receipt or two to get out of it – and it worked! Special kudos to Henry who was very helpful.

A quick look back:

  • My tournament is over. The result was pretty bad with 2/7 (two wins, five losses). Chess-wise it was a great experience and I learnt a lot. Even more important I enjoyed all the games and met nice people.
  • As a big contrast to the tourney, I won my 3 games in the lower league in Carinthia. Players were rated between 1400 and 1730 and I had interesting positions on the board. Next game is in 2.5 weeks.
  • The last round of the Team4545League is over and the Dreadful Knights made it into the play-offs! A great achievement and I am very proud of the team.
  • I am playing in the 9030 Candidates Swiss and got a hard fought draw last night. My opponent had chances to win but couldn’t break through. The computer showed me some nasty ideas so next time I will be better prepared for such positions.

My own performance in the Team4545League was okay. I got outplayed in game #1 and lost, made a tactical blunder in a good position in #2 and lost, got a lucky draw in a lost endgame in #3, converted my opening advantage in #4 and used a late mistake in #5 to win the game.

It’s time to get back on track and to do some serious study. I am currently looking at some games from Bent Larsen and will share my findings with you (in case there are any). Stay tuned!

Last but not least some impressions from my recent games.

Here I played 34…Rxd3! with a beautiful position. My opponent didn’t resign and I had to checkmate him but that wasn’t difficult.

My opponent has blundered a piece and just realized it but 23…exf4? wasn’t the best move and allowed another tactical shot that ended the game immediately.


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